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A watch winders is a device designed to keep your automatic watches running even when not being worn. A watch winder safe box is safety boxes that are equipped with watch winders. Essentially, those two things offers the same functions, in which they keep your automatic watches safe and running when not being worn. So what are the differences between watch winders and winder safes, and which one should you get?

Watch winder box. Nowadays, people still have a high appreciation for mechanical watch though it’s not for their capability of showing us the most accurate time anymore. It’s more aboutr the craftmanship hidden behind it. People love to romanticize the detailed labor and the history. Proven by so many mechanical watch makers that still produce a large quantity and people still happily buy it. Swiss brands are pretty famous in keeping the tradition of high quality watch making alive. Brands like Omega, Philippe Patek, and Rolex are the most famous ones although their prices are sky high, but people always willing to pay for quality and prestige.